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Tag Heuer Big Family

Cara Delevingne Joins into the Tag Heuer Big Family

Skateboard park or a red carpet? Sports shoes or high heels? The smile or funny face of your goddess? Tough choice, and It is also the reason why Tag Heuer chose the Cara Delevingne – the most subversive IT Girl (It refers to the Great charm which let all people dump but hard to describe) as its brand new image ambassador. She often appears in the mainstream medias, likes all new things and pursues no-clasp life with freedom.

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Born in London in 1992, Cara Delevingne now has become the media’s queen regent, “online generation” It Girl spokesman and top supermodel and fashion icon. What particularly pure and fresh and pleasing to the eye is that under the guidance of the fearless spirit, she is so cool to be herself in the world of high pressure. Before her, supermodel means magazine covers and T stage show, while the Cara Delevingne is different, what she brings us is not another beautiful picture, but just doing herself, and living out the instinctive quality, presenting to us a three-dimensional, extraordinary, magnificent decoration and even some rude vivid image. She is a true pioneer, as fake tag watches, fearless to challenge, with passion and innovation constantly breaking the past rules and boundaries. Cara Delevingne perfectly embodies the core value of Tag Heuer. Cara was wearing this watch in an event hosted by .

The Event Venues was named after the Muses goddess of Greek mythology tragedy Melpomène, Magically dressed in ancient style of theatre, serious red carpet and natural wild meet in this accident. Cara Delevingne, fearless to the Muse goddess spell tomboy, showed its corridor image… boldly walking around the lion in the corridor Yes, the lion! The finger of the right hand of the Cara Delevingne is decorated with the pattern of lion, floating mane and elegant gait is perfect matching and that is her badge and logo. The audience was shocked into silence, who didn’t expect there would appear such scenarios on the Tag Heuer brand activities.